Welcome in Orwell's tracks!

On this website you can make a virtual journey through the world and the work of one of the greatest and most fascinating authors of all time: George Orwell.

George Orwell is commonly known as the author of Animal Farm and 1984. They are both classic and extremely import books - but Orwell wrote a lot more and he wás a lot more than the author of these two books. They followed a tumultuous, constantly changing life and a cartload full of articles, essays and other books. They all paved the way for Orwell’s two world famous masterpieces. And among them are some of the most fascinating, wonderfully written and still extremely readable books and essays.

Book and website
The Dutch book Het spoor van Orwell (‘Orwell’s Tracks’, Atlas Publishers, Amsterdam, 23 February 2011) is a proper introduction to George Orwell’s life, world and work. It is written as a documentary journey along the places he lived in, worked in and/or wrote about. This website provides a complementary and illustrated overview to the book. Follow Orwell’s history on Tracks throug time. An overview of Orwell’s topography is provided on an extensive Google Map.

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Does this leave you with a reading fever? Try Het spoor van Orwell if you read Dutch, or check the suggestions for further reading. Do not hesitate to contact author Marco Daane if you have any questions, suggestions or proposals.

Reviews and reactions
Het spoor van Orwell was very well received by press and readers. Radio recordings and reviews (all in Dutch) are collected on the Dutch web pages. The book made it to the longlist of the AKO Literature Prize 2011, the Dutch version of the Whitbread Prize.